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Wedding Reading for Ann and Vic

Completely unrelated to a new paradigm in education — I have been asked to do a reading at my sister’s wedding (happening in just over an hour from now). Here’s what I’ve put together:

I wise man once said (several times), “When you get married your world shrinks a little. When you have kids, it shrinks a little more.”

Though I have seen plenty of evidence to support this claim, and have indeed felt it as a sensible principle to be considered in my own life — I have come to believe this is not always necessarily the case. I think that man would agree.

Another wise man once wrote:

Immature love says, “I love you because I need you” whereas, mature loves says, “I need you because I love you.”

Mature love is not some feeling — some thing — floating around out in the world that we have to hunt down and capture. It is a perspective, an understanding, a commitment, a celebration. Mature love can only come from matured people — people who love themselves enough to truly know what they need.

The future is unwritten.

Life is change.

Let this marriage not be a projection of a reality that has not yet been lived, but a promise to swim together in the waters of the Infinite Now.

Let this day not be considered the beginning of something new or unfamiliar to you both, but a declaration of what already is.

And so, instead of a constraint or limitation of possibility, let us celebrate this marriage as a powerful collaboration in life between two people creating, sharing, and growing in a mature love.

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